Superior wealth protection and risk management services including captive design and end of life tax free reorganization services

Wealth and Asset Protection Strategies

Doctors, successful businesses and high net worth families are increasingly the subject of expensive litigation. Exposure to large judgments that could wipe you out is real. Read this article if you have any doubts about why asset protection is an emerging legal specialty. Click here to read a law firm website article discussing how a captive, while not an intended use of one, may in fact be as strong an asset protection vehicle as any when the ownership and domicile selection are designed to have that added benefit. 

Captive insurance companies play an increasing role in enterprise risk management and asset protection today. 
Read this article on CFOs discussing the role of enterprise risk management in protecting businesses and shareholders today.

Asset Protection should be a very big deal to you today. It is part of enterprise and family risk management.  And hiding assets offshore in tax havens is no longer a game anyone should play unless you know exactly how to do it to avoid risk of penalties and criminal charges - click here to read a 2013 article on the US Justice Department cracking down on abusive offshore arrangements not professionally structured. There are plenty of legal ways to create pockets of wealth free from taxation and protected from litigation.

We offer advanced wealth protection expertise to help financial, tax and legal advisers implement 21st century planning structures for clients. As if litigation risks were not enough to worry about, protecting yourself from increasing government regulation, taxation and potentially hyper-inflation in some "leading" developed countries is increasingly important and we have international investing and living expertise to assist you in legally protecting and growing your nest egg in freedom and privacy respecting parts of the world.  

Click here to learn about 831(b) captives which achieve numerous benefits not available by any other business and wealth protection strategy for US based businesses.

Evaluating, designing and implementing captive insurance risk management solutions is one area of our expertise. Asset protection, tax and estate planning integration with captives is another. Custom designed life and annuity insurance products is another area of our expertise. These sopihsticated innovative structures in combination greatly enhance tax, asset protection, estate planning and business succession objectives. 

Properly structured captives and other non-risk based insurance products such as privately placed custom life and annuity policies owned by asset protection trusts can offer:
  • flexible premium payment methods - including non-cash assets
  • very attractive investment options;
  • retained control of assets;
  • other features to assist with effective financial planning and global asset management;
  • asset protection; and
  • help efficient business succession financing.
Customized insurance policies are used to help manage risk, assure business and estate liquidity, business succession, and improve investment portfolio diversity and after-tax ROIs.

Custom solutions are never mass marketed. They are exclusively used for sophisticated high net worth applications and designed on a case-by-case basis to meet your specific needs, objectives and investment strategy.

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