Superior wealth protection and risk management services including captive design and end of life tax free reorganization services

Asset Protection

Doctors, successful businesses and high net worth families are increasingly the subject of expensive litigation. Exposure to large judgments that could wipe you out is real. Read this article if you have any doubts about why asset protection is an emerging legal specialty.

Click here to learn about wealth protection generally.

Click here to read an article by an asset protection lawyer on why a captive, while not even intended to, if the ownership structure is designed  certain way, is likely the most powerful asset protection vehicle even if rarely even though of or used as such.

Captive insurance companies play an increasing role in enterprise risk management and asset protection today. Read this article on CFOs discussing the role of enterprise risk management in protecting businesses and shareholders today.

Asset Protection should be a very big deal to you today. It is part of enterprise and family risk management. Too often smart people build great wealth, but put off as "not terribly important" implementing the steps needed to protect that wealth and plan for its safe and effective transfer to children and grandchildren. How many times have you heard of successful businessmen and women building a small fortune only to lose it all due to a lack of planning for risks and protecting chunks of their assets from litigation, divorce, and creditors in financial downturns.

Our team's world leading expertise in wealth accumulation and wealth transfer is now available to new clients.  Asset protection is always a component part of effective planning. Utilizing privately held smaller captive insurance companies are increasingly common. 

We are experts in protecting business and individual assets from all types of risks of loss, not just business, tax, negligence, marital and/or family litigation contingencies.

Our team works with your existing legal, tax and financial advisors to take your business planning and family wealth management to the next level.


We live in a highly litigious society and one with new risks that are not often understood let alone planned for. High net worth individuals and their businesses are often targets of lawsuits.  Physicians, business owners, executives, members of boards of directors (of both public and private companies today) and all professionals are aware that they could lose everything they have worked for if they are not careful or unlucky. Our expertise can assure you the protection and peace-of-mind you are looking for.

You are successful because you have made good decisions and likely built a strong team. The most important decision you can make to protect what you have built is to add a global wealth management and wealth protection expert consultancy to your team. Not all advisers are created equally, and few can help you manage your team of unrelated outside experts. 

If you do not have world class legal, tax and investment advisers part of your team, we have deep relationships with the best to select prudent investment vehicles and asset ownership structures to protect you, your family and your business and investment portfolios.

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