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Top Captive Domiciles

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The top US domiciles as of 2011 and 2012 are discussed in this article (click here).

It is important to note hybrid alternative risk vehicles such as cells and series/SBUs are not usually counted in the top domiciles by numbers. They should however as these hybrid captives are essentially the same as pure captives, just allow lower capital and operating costs. For example, as of early 2014 Delaware reported 277 active captives, making them a top 7 global domicile and top 3 US domicile. However if you include series and cell captives, Delaware had 847, due to having 570 active cells and series captives. This would leap them near the top of all global domiciles. 

Hybrid captives such as series and cells would hardly exist if domicile statutes were modernized and allowed more flexible minimum capital and regulatory efficiencies for small captive applications.

As of 2014, the domicile landscape continues to change. New states like North Carolina, Texas and Oklahoma have joined the industry. Other states that experienced rapid growth are finding themselves short of staff and no longer encouraging new formations either explicitly or in most cases by making doing business with them more expensive and more difficult due to staff resource challenges.

Contact us to discuss which onshore and offshore domicile is best for your particular project. Note there is no best domicile for a particular project. It varies depending on the project and the objectives of the owners.
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