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Anguilla Captives

Click here to read the March 2014 Anguilla Captive Report.

Anguilla is a stable British Overseas Territory based on the same English common law as the US. Anguilla has built an excellent reputation as a captive domicile and was ranked in the top 5 globally. As of December 2012, Anguilla has 294 licensed active pure captives. Captive Experts assisted in the design and formation of many Anguilla captives.

Anguilla is located directly east of Puerto Rico. Since adoption of its constitution in 1990, Anguilla operates with complete independent internal governance and has rapidly adopted world leading legislation to accommodate international business. Anguilla is based upon minimal to no taxation of offshore business conducted by Anguilla domiciled entities. 

In 2003, Anguilla adopted its Financial Services Commission Act, and has since emerged as a major player in international finance and business transactions. 
You may contact us, or contact Anguilla Finance directly for more information about the wide range of Anguilla's financial services targeting the international business community.

Watch these exclusive videos of Steve Garlick, CEO of Anguilla Finance, and Tom Cifelli, Managing Director of Captive Experts:

  • Click here to learn why Anguilla has become a top domicile selection for US and Canadian owned captive insurance companies in recent years;
  • Click here to learn why Hong Kong, Japanese, other Pacific Rim countries, Mexico, Latin and South America and others are doing business with Anguilla.

Anguilla's insurance website can be viewed
by clicking here. Anguilla has been a full member of the prestigious International Association of Insurance Supervisors since 2007.

In addition to its deep and experienced full-time captive dedicated staff, here are additional highlights underlying Anguilla's captive insurance industry success:

  • Leveraged the UK's 350+ years of insurance experience and the UK continues to assist with keeping Anguilla as a top financial services domicile current and helping set international business standards;
  • Protected Cell Legislation;
  • Highly credible service providers with strict requirements, with standards in excess of any similar system in the US. For example a $25,000 deposit and rigorous background check is required before anyone can obtain a license to act as a corporate registrar or form entities in Anguilla;
  • Modern and flexible solvency approaches to regulation of captives, including allowing a certain amount of non-cash assets to contribute towards required capital;
  • Reasonable minimum captive capital requirements ranging from $10,000 for a single owner small captive to $200,000 depending upon size and nature of the captive business;
  • One of the most efficient technology based company formation systems in the world enabling nearly instant Anguilla entity formation at very competitive fees.
More information on Anguilla contact Anguilla Finance or Contact Us.

For the CIA Fact Book information on Anguilla, click here.
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