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Vermont Captives

Click here to watch a video interview with Mr. Daniel Towle, Director of Financial Services with the State of Vermont, from Captive Live USA conference in Chicago. Mr Towle discusses Vermont as a captive domicile and the growth in the captive industry today.

For more information on Vermont's captive business visit Vermont's captive insurance company website.

Daniel D. Towle, Director of Financial Services, State of Vermont, Department of Economic Development

More updates on Vermont:

By Mark D'Aoust - Linked In posts:• The State of Vermont is the leading onshore captive insurance domicile, licensing more than four times the number of captives than any other domestic competitor. Known as the "Gold Standard" of captive domiciles, Vermont is the preferred domicile to more than 900 captives, including 42 of the Fortune 100 and 18 of the companies that make up the Dow 30. Captive insurance is available for businesses from small and mid-cap companies to Fortune 1000. Captives are also a good solution for many organizations, especially hospital and medical groups. Vermont is also the leader in Risk Retention Groups. The State of Vermont's unparalleled government support allows us to provide resources to the formation and future needs of captives. Contact us to learn more or get started with our easy,

Vermont Captive Premium Eclipses Bermuda’s (February 2012)

Vermont’s estimated captive gross premium for 2011 is likely to have been higher than Bermuda’s. Its estimated captive gross premium for 2011 is $23.1bn, while Bermuda’s 2011 premium was $21.4bn. Bermuda’s gross captive premium was $32.7bn at the end of 2010.

(This would make Vermont the #1 Captive domicile, based on "gross premium" figures, internationally)

Very Strong 2011 for Vermont Captive Insurance Licenses

The calendar year 2011 was the 6th year Vermont surpassed the 40 new captives licensed mark with 41 new captive insurance companies bringing the total number of licenses to 952 with 590 active captive insurance companies. Thirty were single parent captives, with six risk retention groups (RRG), three sponsored, one industrial insured, and one association.

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