Superior wealth protection and risk management services including captive design and end of life tax free reorganization services

About Us

Captive Experts, LLC specializes in creating captives for closely held businesses. We are domicile experts and have experience with pure captives, cell captives, series business units and group captives. Contact us today before you commit to engage a captive manager or before you agree to renew a captive management agreement.

Our managing director is the author of "Navigating Captive Insurance Companies - Storm Proof Your Risk Vessel." Click on the image below to learn more about this invaluable book everyone involved with captives should read. 

Our managing director is a cross trained business professional and 
has published articles in leading ART industry publications including Captive Review and Cayman Financial Review. He also has spoke at industry conferences on captive formation panels.  Learn more about him by clicking here.

We can help you in  a variety of ways including:

  • assessing if your project will meet your expectations and your selected service providers know what they are doing and do not mislead you - Click here to provide us the basic information required to get some free analysis by email, or use the contact form on our Contact Us page;
  • providing a very cost effective turn-key fixed rate solution to design-build and manage your captive ;
  • helping improve existing captive programs.
Contact our experts for a free consultation on the steps and costs involved to create a captive program specifically tailored to your needs.

To learn more about our founder and managing director, click here.
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