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Delaware Captives

Delaware's success in building its reputation as a domicile of choice through 2013 was second to none. Its captive division led by Steve Kinion (assisted earlier by Mary Jo Lopez) has experienced remarkable growth and success.

Our managing director directly assisted with the formation of pure Delaware captives and many dozens of Delaware Series LLC captives (technically known as SBUs - Special Business Units).

As is often typical, rapid growth often wanes, at least its pace. While Delaware grew into the #3 slot among US domicile in terms of active licensed pure captives at 266 as of December 2013 (and #1 in the US if you consider its additional over 700 hybrid captive series and cell structures), we believe Delaware's rapid growth will slow as compared to a select few other US domiciles due to several factors mitigating Delaware's attractiveness vis-a-vis these other emerging domiciles.

Steve Kinion, who heads up and has overseen Delaware's huge success the past several years in captive formations,  attributes their success to integration of corporate and business laws with insurance statutes more then any other domicile. Delaware press release - January 24, 2013 announcing captive #s as of end of 2012 - click here to read.

Click on the following links below to watch exclusive video interviews with Mr. Steve Kinion of the Delaware insurance division discussing captive insurance companies:

  • August 16, 2012 Bulletin re: New Fees for Series LLC SBUs
For more information view this excellent captive slide show prepared by the Delaware captive insurance department team, or visit Delaware's website.

Pictured from left to right: MaryJo Lopez, Director to Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart, and  Steve Kinion, Director of Captive and Financial Insurance products, State of Delaware. MaryJo Lopez participated on the panel of experts discussing "New Wave Domiciles" at the Captive Live USA conference.

 Pictured from left to right: Tom Cifelli, Managing Editor of, and Steve Kinion, Director of captive products for the State of Delaware. Tom Cifelli participated on the panel of experts discussing "New Wave Domiciles" at the Captive Live USA conference.

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