Superior wealth protection and risk management services including captive design and end of life tax free reorganization services

Captive Insurance Company Design

We helped design and form over 100 captive insurance companies for closely held businesses and self-employed professionals.  The basic process steps to form and begin operating your captive are on this captive design diagram prepared by Delaware's regulatory staff.

We guarantee the highest quality service in designing, forming and managing your captive at the most competitive prices. 
Begin by requesting a free preliminary captive assessment.

Sample Client Projects

#1: (831(b) captive - approximate $350,000 to $550,000  in annual premiums planned during the captive's first  3 years - thereafter, assuming good loss control, premiums may be reduced or coverages increased and expanded)

A diversified real estate entrepreneur and investor was concerned about uncovered risks and increasing commercial market policy premiums. We evaluated the pros and cons of a captive and the most beneficial lines of coverages indicated, and whether to form onshore or offshore after establishing the specific business plan goals and objectives of the client. The client decided it best to form an offshore business corporation owned by a US LLC which in turn was owned by a US irrevocable family trust in a no income tax state. The offshore company obtained a captive insurance license to insure previously uncovered risks of concern as well as existing commercial market policy deductibles and exclusions for 12+ US affiliated businesses.

This captive program increased and protected family enterprise competitiveness and wealth reserves while allowing maximal investment and operational flexibility and minimizing required capital and expenses. 

#2: (831(b) captive - approximately $250,000 to $350,000 in annual premiums planned during the captives first 3 years - thereafter, assuming good loss control, premiums may be reduced or coverages increased and expanded)

A southeast US licensed health practitioner has an established practice with multiple locations. The practices have a myriad of self-insured risks, and its owners have taxable estates above the estate tax exemption levels. Increasing government regulation of health care, and continued high level of related litigation and regulatory intervention is causing these professionals constant stress and worry. Natural disaster exposure also increases the practices business disruption exposure.

We designed a captive solution and were able to accommodate an onshore captive formation and management for an all-inclusive fee level far lower than any other qualified established firm would consider for such a program.  Estate and asset protection planning integration was also addressed and coordinated with the client's lawyers.

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