High quality fairly priced captive design, formation and management services.
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Captive Fees & Costs

Most experienced management firms charge $40,000 or more the formation year for a relatively simple enterprise risk small captive insurance company. Our turnkey all-inclusive captive design, formation and management fees for a new pure captive start substantially lower even where referral associate compensation is involved. Our turnkey fees are easy to understand - they include all normal and expected expenses.

Contact us to ask questions and discuss if you qualify for a free preliminary risk assessment to help move your analysis along.

More Information On Captive Formation and Management Costs

A detailed breakdown and explanation of costs and the procedural steps to design, form and operate a captive is explained in our Managing Director's book, "Navigating Captive Insurance Companies - Storm Proof Your Risk Vessel, Everything You Should Know Before Hiring a Manager or Forming a Captive." For a preview of the breakdown of the typical expenses involved in forming and managing a captive, click here.

So do not hesitate to CONTACT US for a free custom design and cost  estimate for your situation. 

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